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We’ve been in the industry for over 35 years, bringing quality to every design. At &build, we focus on the best interests of the project first & believe we can effectively deliver even the most challenging project.


Primary Services

Construction Management at Risk

This delivery method entails a commitment by the Construction Manager to deliver a project within a defined schedule or price, either fixed or a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The Construction Manager acts as a consultant to the Owner in the development and Design Phases, but as a general contractor during the Construction Phase.

General Contractor

A traditional delivery method (Design-Bid-Build), in which the General Contractor is engaged to procure and construct a project by bidding projects where 100% of the design is complete. This method is typically procured utilizing a sealed bid and a fixed price contract.

Multiple Prime Delivery

An Owner contracts directly with separate trade contractors for specific and designated elements of the work, rather than with a single general or prime contractor. This delivery method often requires the overlay of a construction manager “as agent” to assist the Owner in the management of all the multiple primes. The Construction Manager manages and controls the schedule and cost components of the project for the Owner during design and construction.

Design Build

Simply put, this is a delivery method which combines architecture and engineering design services with the construction under one contract.

The Process of Construction Management

Our Construction Management Process
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The Process to Build

1. Start Construction

2. Scope Review

3. Contract Day

4. Issue Subcontracts

5. Build in Process

6. Construction Complete

7. Close Out

8. Post-Construction Phase

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