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Tailored to you: we know every project is unique. That’s why &build offers end-to-end construction management services for the best results for your distinct project. Here’s how we’ll work together:

Pre-Construction Phase

Project Planning

Our Team will work collaboratively with the Owner and the Design Team to program and plan the project through cost modeling, scheduling and logistics development during the concept phase of the project.

Budgeting / Cost Estimating

We will monitor and control the budget during the preliminary phases with detailed cost estimates during the Schematic, Design Development and Construction Document phases of project development as necessary to monitor and control costs leading up to and including the development of our GMP. This effort will be supplemented by constructability reviews during all phases of design.

Constructability / Value Management

The constructability reviews help identify inconsistencies, omissions, errors and uncertainties in the design documents that may lead to change orders during construction. The estimating and constructability reviews work in tandem to decrease risk and change orders during the Construction Phase. It is critical to refine details and identify desired changes at this stage in the development of the project. The identification of such items after the construction packages are bid, causes scope modifications and scope creep that increase construction cost in the form of unnecessary change orders.

Project Procurement / GMP Development

Throughout the pre-Construction Phase, our Team will assess market and labor conditions and will be communicating with our industry contacts to cultivate a positive interest in bidding. During the development of and finalization of the design documents, our estimating staff will begin marketing the project on a tiered approach to the local market by Division of Work. We will work the geographic area through a thoughtful targeted methodology.

Construction Phase

Construction Management Services

As Construction Managers, we provide the project controls, administration, and field oversight to proactively manage work from the bid phase through closeout. We validate that contractor schedules have logical sequences and appropriate resources before incorporating their data into our master schedule.

Schedule Management

&build can develop a critical path method (CPM) master schedule with activities and durations to plan your exact design, bid, and construction objectives. Guided by that schedule, we help you plan when and where to apply resources for maximum results.

Cost Management

From financial analysis to detailed cost data and projections, our construction cost management practices give you needed insights to make sound cost-related decisions.

Throughout all phases, we will track all costs, including multiple funding sources, to comply with any stakeholder requirements. &build helps you weigh budget options by providing detailed cost flow projections and trending analyses to help manage use of contingencies.

Change Management

Change happens. After all, this is construction. That said, we like to take a more proactive approach to construction. Effective change management starts with change prevention. Our team develops & implements design management strategies that help reduce the number of scope changes.

&build also helps you develop project contingencies to handle any change orders resulting from concealed site conditions and problems during construction.

Project and Construction Administration

As your Construction Manager (CM), we utilize proven methods to provide cost-effective administration and document control. All with less effort for you and convenient access to project progress in our secure, web-based systems.

Your team can check on the status, or we can include submittal status as a regular agenda item at weekly meetings to identify and resolve any construction delays. &build also monitors the actual performance of the designer and contractor in the submittal process. All to keep us on track with the overall project timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

At &build, our construction experts and skilled General Contractors will proactively keep your project on track. We fully support your team at every step of your design.

Every project is unique. We will help you stay on track with all subcontractors, understand any market conditions that may impact the cost or timeline of your construction, and we’ll manage any change orders required.

Services we offer

  • Preconstruction services and in-house estimating
  • Construction Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Change Management
  • Project & Contract Adminstration

Your experience matters. We want you to get it right and enjoy a seamless building project. While it may sound straightforward, this is a very intricate process with many moving parts. Our team has over 35 years of knowledge on how to precisely keep your commercial construction project moving.

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